To my complete surprise when I came home from work one evening I found my dog had gotten onto my leather sofa and had caused several scratches-my heart sank. A family member recommended that I call Derrick from Renew Pro. Derrick came in and repaired the damage to nearly perfect-what a relief. I totally recommend Derrick to all my friends and family.

Alan P, Owner

Several years ago I had purchased a leather sofa set which cost me over $5000. I have owned the set for 10 years now but the color was coming off all the seats-normal wear and tear. I was looking to replace my leather set with a new one but when I seen the prices sticker shock set in. A friend recommended me to call Derrick from Renew Pro to restore the color of my leather set. Boy, was I ever glad I did- my leather set looks fabulous-almost new all for around $600. I highly recommend Derrick for all your leather repair/restore needs.

Colette V, Owner