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Care Your Leather

In the previous blog, I have explained about the services that we offer as well as a little bit about ‘ReNew Pro’ and what we strive to offer. In this blog, I&rsquo’ll give a few directives as to how anyone can take care of their leather items along with some handy and easy tips to…
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How to distinguish imitation leather to real leather blog

Genuine leather or vinyl? How to tell fake to real leather Imitation leather has improved significantly over the years, as manufacturers have become more skilled to make imitation leather to look real. There can be an advantage for those on a low budget, as faux leather goods are an inexpensive alternative to genuine leather. However,…
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Leather Repair

‘ReNew Pro’ is one of the pioneers in the leather repair and restoration business around southwestern Ontario. This company raised by Derrick Rauwerda is one of the very few firms that have been dedicated to leather service and maintenance. We help in keeping leather in all its glory. We have been constantly meeting our customer’s…
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Interviewed on 560 The Answer Radio

Derrick Rauwerda from RenewPro, a furniture repair and restoration expert located in Chatham, Ontario. Derrick’s here today to share some little known secrets for saving big money by renewing your leather and fabric furniture like new rather than replacing them. Derrick, welcome to the show. “Thank you very much”. Hey Derrick, tell us a little…
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