Care Your Leather
18 May 2018

Care Your Leather

In the previous blog, I have explained about the services that we offer as well as a little bit about ReNew Pro and what we strive to offer. In this blog, I&rsquo’ll give a few directives as to how anyone can take care of their leather items along with some handy and easy tips to make the leather last longer.

Don’t worry if your favourite leather item gets a stain. Cleaning leather can be pretty easy when you know what cleaning products and methods to use. Always remember to test on a small area of your precious leather item first to make sure the cleaning solution does not damage the material. Fortunately, leather goods are quite durable and hardwearing, but sometimes they do need to be washed because of stains, grease, or just buildup of general household germs. Because of the properties of leather, using the same cleaning methods as you do when washing clothes is going to result in the damaged leather material. Here are some quick and easy tips for leather care that will keep your leather goods looking like new. Many people will simply use regular soaps or detergent to tackle stains, but this is not a good idea. Soap residue left on the leather can prevent the material from breathing, causing dry patches and cracking. Also, household cleaners have strong chemicals and using them for cleaning leather items can lead to worn or bobbled leather surface. Instead, follow these handy tips to clean your leather making sure that it doesn’t damage the leather at all.

  • At first, make the leather surface free of any dirt by either using a vacuum cleaning brush of a clean piece of microfiber cloth. Dirt particles on the surface can cause the cleaning process flawed.
  • Mix one part mild soap such as facial soap or very mild clothes detergent with eight parts water. It&rsquo’s best to use bottled or distilled water if possible to avoid any residual particles in tap water.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto a sturdy cloth or sponge, preferably a microfiber cloth. Never spray directly onto the leather as it can cause oversaturation and leave a stain mark
  • Gently wipe the stain, going with (rather than against) the grain of the leather. Going against the grain of leather can cause serious abrasions in the leather that will look patchy and discolouration might occur.
  • Once the stain has dissolved, leave the surface to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Never expose a leather item to direct sunlight immediately after cleaning with water as it’ ll burn the grain of the leather.
  • After drying, wipe with very small quantities of leather moisturizer to protect the material. Moisturizing the leather results in increased shine and makes the leather last longer as well as prevents stains from going deeper inside the leather.

Cleaning car leather upholstery creates a concern as some areas are not easily accessible. Car upholstery can be treated the same way as leather furniture. Follow the same procedure as mentioned earlier and it is advised to keep a separate spray bottle of clean water for rinsing once the stain removal steps have been followed. You can steam clean leather without risking damage to the material but keep in mind that while this is a good way to remove germs and surface dirt, you’ ll probably still need to spot treat specific stains and marks as steam cleaning doesn’t penetrate the leather. However, it is well worth giving leather sofas or couches, which are prone to accumulating germs, a good steam clean on a regular basis to maintain a hygienic home. Some household products are very beneficial for cleaning leather and are safe to use. Lemon juice mixed with cream of tartar is a good mix for removing spots and stains, white vinegar can be used for general cleaning and for keeping the leather healthy. Of course, natural oils are also good for leather care as they help to maintain the shine and suppleness of the leather material.

Follow these simple and handy steps to keep your leather shining like new. For emergencies, call ReNew Pro@ 5193501524 to make sure that you stay happy once it is taken care of.

Thank you all.

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