Leather Repair
20 Oct 2017

Leather Repair

‘ReNew Pro’ is one of the pioneers in the leather repair and restoration business around southwestern Ontario. This company raised by Derrick Rauwerda is one of the very few firms that have been dedicated to leather service and maintenance. We help in keeping leather in all its glory. We have been constantly meeting our customer’s expectations since 1997. In the last 20 years we have successfully completed more projects in comparison to other players in the same field. We strive to offer unmatched quality leather service with exceptional value. Our primary objective is to complete the job offered to us on time and within the budget allotted by the customer. We believe – Happy Customer means Repeat Customer. We are proud to say that we have more repeat customers than anyone else in the business. This is the kind of trust that we have been able to develop with our esteemed clients. It takes hard work and dedication to excel in this line of business and to get such recommendations is the prize that we cherish.

Our services include leather repair, vinyl repair, fabric repair, plastic repair and much more. We have the expertise and tools to refurbish, re-dye, repair and lastly restore virtually any type of damage to leather, fabric, plastic and vinyl furniture. The icing on top is that we offer mobile service which means we come to the damage rescue. This considerably reduces further damage to your furniture while it is transported to the repair site.

Now-a-days 95% of people own cars. It is quite common that something spills inside the car destroying the seats, carpets, covers and plastic mouldings around the cabin. Homeowners have leather furniture’ and interiors which are damaged either due to its age or usage. Pets can cause serious damage to leatherlike bites, scratchs and marks. Thesekinds of damages usually involve a complete refurbishing because the cover gets torn and punctured. Pets are actually one of the main reasons why we have been in business for such a long time and thus giving us the opportunity to make people around us happy. Happy because we bring their smile back. We also work on over 1000 cars per year doing interior repairs.

Then there are people who have leather furniture, couches, sofas and seats. They are very concerned because they spend a lot of money on their leather furniture and to see it discolored or damaged hurts them. We cater to homeowners who have old/damaged leather furniture and want to get them refurbished/restored. All they need to do is take a photo on their mobile phone, send it directly to me on 5193501524 and get an estimate on the repair job. Then all they have to do is agree to the estimate and we can come to their doorsteps to offer professional leather repair/restore service without them having to haul the heavy load to a shop. People who face issues in sending the picture to me, I personally visit them and then give them a quote for the job. Once they agree, our team of workers arrives on site with all the necessary tools, equipments and materials required for the job to be done perfectly in budget, on time. We have helped car dealers and rental companies with their cars, offices for dentists and chiropractors, boat owners and aircraft owners. We have also worked on many restaurants, bars and theatres giving us the opportunity to work outdoors and expanding our horizon. We have created a different kind of niche among our clientele. We have consistently been growing as a business as our customers list in getting longer.

I, Derrick Rauwerda, owner of ReNew Pro can say that we keep our service top notch on every job that we undertake. Be it the interiors of your car, boat, aircraft or any leather furniture that needs maintenance, repair or restoration. If you have called for our expertise, I’ll make sure that you are happy once the job gets completed.

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